The end of GeoCities (0 comments)

The end of GeoCities

Friday, April 24, 2009 - 06:41 AM

Apparently, Yahoo is shutting down GeoCities at some point this year. To me, this marks an end, of sorts, to the original dot-com era.

Back in my days at, my primary project was our homepage builder. Eventually had some marketing-oriented name for it (uBuilder?), but not for most of the time I was working on it. It originated as a way for users of our web based chat system to upload personal icons, and ended up as a GeoCities competitor.

The big thing, I felt, that made us "better", were that we didn't have complicated URLs based on which "community" your page was in, we just had "" style URLs. Also, I think our page building tools were better and more flexible. On the downside, I think at our peak, we had about 1-5% of the traffic that GeoCities did (although over a million page views in a day was a big deal back in 1997, on 1997 era hardware). On the upside, in 1997, the only developer working on this project was me, so our development team was cheaper.

But for fun, here's Jon's page. We made ones for toothgnip and diablo too, but they don't seem to be archived.

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